BOPP Cleaning

BOPP/BOPET Film Cleaning Line

To Clean the filters in the BOPP Film and BOPET Film.

Cleaning Process: Filters and Housing Pyrolysis Cleaning and Separate ⇒ TEG Rough Cleaning ⇒ TEG Finish Cleaning ⇒ Water Bath Cleaning ⇒ Discs separate out from the Filter ⇒ Discs Alkali Bath Cleaning ⇒ Discs Acid Bath Cleaning ⇒ Discs High Pressure Water Rinsing ⇒ Untrasonic Cleaning ⇒ Discs Drying ⇒ Discs Test ⇒ Filters Mounting ⇒ Filters Preheating

Cleaning Equipments:

1 set Pyrolysis Oven – To separate the filters and housing, and the other purpose is to preheat the filters before installation

2 set TEG Bath Cleaning System – Filters of TEG rough cleaning and finish cleaning

1 set Water Bath Cleaning System– Filters of water cleaning

1 set Alkali Bath Cleaning System – Discs of alkali Cleaning

1 set Acid Bath Cleaning System – Discs of acid Cleaning

1 set Acid-base Neutralization System – To neutralize the used alkali and the used acid, then discharge

1 set Untrasonic Cleaner – Discs of untrasonic cleaning

1 set Discs Drying Oven – Discs of drying

1 set Discs Bubble Test Machine – Discs Testing

1 set Mouting Bench – Assemble Discs to the Filters

BOPP Filter Cleaning

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