Our equipment are of high quality and durable for continuous industrial use. To ensure normal operation, a certain stock of normal spare parts should be available.

If spare parts are needed, SNT is always ready to deliver parts as quickly as possible.

With spare parts requirements, the following information must be provided by the customer.
Name of thermal cleaning equipment, name of parts, model, description, etc.

Our equipment can be only as good as the service behind it. The technical support after delivery provided by the manufacturer is the long-term cooperative relation between the customer and supplier.

Thermal cleaning equipment is a process engineered system with various parameters, in compliance with what is necessary for an intended use. In addition to the equipment, parameters and running conditions should be carefully considered including temperatures, process times, settings.

Selection and composition of the parts to be cleaned simultaneously should be carefully considered. This includes determining the amounts of parts, metal weight and the polymer load. Classification of the polymers with respect to their energy content and pyrolysing characteristics are also considerations.