Filter Disc Cleaning Oven
Filter Disc Cleaning Oven 2

Pyrolysis Oven for cleaning of meshes

Pyrolysis Oven is one of SNT’s most popular thermal cleaning equipments. Pyrolysis Oven is designed specially for cleaning polymers from a variety of metal components and it can clean almost all of polymers (PP, PE, PET, PA, TPE, PB, PVC, PC, PMMA, ABS, etc.).

Pyrolysis Oven is designed specially for cleaning polymers from a variety of metal components. The parts to be cleaned are heated in a chamber where the polymer melts and drains into the bottom collector. Remaining polymer is vaporized and then water scrubbed in a secondary scrubber where condensates are collected and rush out with water. Since cleaning takes place under vacuum, combustion does not occur. The parts are protected from excessive or localized high temperatures. The whole process has no pollution.


The Parts To Be Cleaned Industry
Spinnerets, Spinpacks, Filter Candles, Melt Pumps, Melt Pipes, etc. Fiber (Chmeical fiber, Non-woven)
Extruder Screws, Film Blowing Dies, Breaker Plates, etc. Extrusion
Hotrunner, Nozzles, Screws. etc. Injection Molding
Filters, etc. Film


  • Cleaning is totally Automatic.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Suitable for different thermoplastic polymers, e.g. PET, PA, PP, TPE, PB, PBT, PC, PMMA, ABS, etc.
  • Short cleaning cycles (about 8 hours) and low energy consumption.
  • Simple operation.
  • Safety and no pollution.


NOTE: Couldn’t list all here. Can be customized according to the size of parts to be cleaned.


I. Melting Phase:
The parts to be cleaned are heated in a chamber. Most of the polymer melts and drains into the bottom collector.











II. Pyrolysis Phase:
Polymer that did not melt during the first phase will be pyrolyzed and vaporized under vacuum. The generated gases are converted to CO2 and H2O (Vapor) in the catalyst heater.











III. Oxidation Phase:
Remaining ploymer that still exist after the pyrolysis phase will be burnt under vacuum and limited air. The generated gases also are converted in the catalyst.














If you are interested in this product, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Up to now, SNT has been exporting thermal cleaning equipment to more than 30 countries by providing the highest quality and the most competitive price.

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